Open Space Kitchens | TM Italia Design Kitchens Projects

Open Space Kitchens | TM Italia Kitchen Projects

Is it a true love story or is it just about convenience? Sometimes one, sometimes the other. Often it is just a subjective attitude, an approach to life.
Fluidity, continuity, sharing, hospitality, freedom of expression, optimization of the environments.The open space kitchen is something like that. It has a multifaceted character, offers an infinite number of solutions for all needs, be they very large or contained spaces, the desire for multifunctionality or conviviality without barriers.

The open space kitchens are designed to highlight the whole space, playing the main role not only by the living point of view but also to instill power around the entire house.
In the open space kitchens, the kitchen project mingles with the day room, becoming its integral part; a room that matches cooking, sociality and daily conviviality.

Open Space Kitchens | TM Italia Design Kitchens Projects -
open space kitchens _TMItalia_modula_3
Open Space Kitchens | TM Italia Design Kitchens Projects -
Open Space Kitchens | TM Italia Design Kitchens Projects -
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Open Space Kitchens | TM Italia Design Kitchens Projects -
Open Space Kitchens | TM Italia Design Kitchens Projects -
Open Space Kitchens | TM Italia Design Kitchens Projects -
Open Space Kitchens | TM Italia Design Kitchens Projects -

Open space kitchens: why should you choose it for your space?

At a time when the home is increasingly perceived as a pleasant shell in which to feel protected, the open space kitchen must be thoughtfully projected taking into consideration all its possible functions and emphasize its versatility and capability of transformation.

Talking about designing the interiors, the new trend is increasingly represented by wide and airy day rooms; an idea for modern and functional houses. More and more often, the kitchen and dining rooms are designed for a single large open-plan space: a great outcome to enjoy bigger and lighter rooms.

But there are still many further reasons that could help us when setting a open space kitchen up.
You will find some of them here below.

An open space living room kitchen to enhance interactions

In the open space kitchens, the kitchen opens up to the living room and the other indoor and outdoor areas of the house.
The space which is usually dedicated to cooking, lends itself to conviviality, relax and also work – if the top discloses working spaces, where necessary.

Open Space Kitchens | TM Italia Design Kitchens Projects - cucine_open_space_TMItalia_offkitchen

The area dedicated to food preparation can become, for example, a work or dining area thanks to the use of folding or sliding surfaces that hide the purely technical areas such as in this TM Italia project.

It is the case of this TM Italia model, where shape solutions create functional spaces through the harmonic connection of living and dining rooms.
Here, the U shape central island obtaining two side snack’s tops and a inner table with a bench which is able to accomodate up to 8 people.
Even this TM Italia’s model, with its U shaped large island, integrates a table with an angular bench on three sides, representing the convivial kitchen par excellence.

In Weybridge, near London, TM Italia has realized a sophisticated kitchen with island project that fits into the elegant open space, becoming a central point of domestic life. Precious materials, refined details, and bespoke elements characterize the wide composition designed on model D90.

Open Space Kitchens | TM Italia Design Kitchens Projects - cucine_open_space_TMItalia_WEYBRIDGE

An open space kitchen for multifunctional spaces 

Shared day rooms are often chosen to create not only stylish but also flexible and multifunctional spaces, where the kitchen is on sight on the living room.
Instead of walls and doors, the furniture is increasingly used to divide the areas and, at the same time, to combine them. It is the case of this TM Italia’s open space kitchen where the customized sycamore kitchen defines the area in this New York open space.

Within the endless compositional possibilities offered by TM Italia, there is the chance to develop open space kitchens that can communicate with the living room and the outdoor spaces, in a visual continuity with the surrounding environment, with retractable equipments, by choosing among different models and customizing the materials thanks to the wide finishes range of our list.

An open space kitchen for a dynamic organization of the environment

The space organization is essential when talking about shared environments. For its kitchen projects, TM Italia chooses customized solutions which provide flexibility and add a dynamic way of living the environment.

It is the case of this open space kitchen that, thanks to a retractable system of the operating and cooking zone, perfectly fits in the living room. The top indeed provides for a tip-up opening and closing system that hides the operating area inside the living room, when it is not used.

The open space kitchen is able to match its functions with those of the day room, thanks to the placement of retractable solutions and concealed equipments. For instance, by placing a hidden central island, it is possible to integrate a sliding and automized countertop that, if necessary, reveals a tub and a stove. At the same time, the kitchen columns, with their folding doors, can enclose the top and the other operative areas.The table can be a design solution as well, donating dynamism to the interior project. For example, it can be useful in the kitchen by being simultaneously dining table and occasionally a working desk. In these two projects, it is a table planned for the conviviality.

An open space kitchen to provide continuity to the surrounding environment

The aesthetics of an open space can also be enhanced thanks to a stylistic and chromatic harmony that embraces the whole space making it more fluid and homogeneous.

This TM Italia’s kitchen project includes a wall column composition that stretched up to the end of the hall, giving life to a harmonic space where the nicest family moments become a unique sharing experience. This is how the kitchen project fuses with the living area in a stylish continuum and generates a pleasant and harmonic environment.
Also, is the case of this kitchen with island integrated in the living room, showing itself as a three-volumes harmonic composition. Here, the pure white lacquered four-columns-composition, nestled within the wall and spaced out by a bookcase, represents an introduction to the wide hall.

Open Space Kitchens | TM Italia Design Kitchens Projects - cucine_open_space_TMItalia_JESOLO

Near Venice, located in the prestigious residential complex designed by architect Richard Meier, we installed a kitchen with island designed on the T45 Evo model and concealed columns in perfect stylistic continuity with the living area wall. This project enhances the tailoring of TM Italia, skillfully associated with the refined geometry of the architectures of Richard Meier.

An open space kitchen to look for more space

The open space kitchens surely allow a better space optimization, especially where this latter is extremely crawl. For this reason, a kitchen color project is essential and the predominance of light colors – white above all – helps to amplify the space perception. An open space can be a balanced match of white, some warm colors touches, characterized by a smooth decor design and linear complements with light and bright colors. In order to search for more space, the attention is constantly focused on materials, that are to be harmoniously chosen. The careful selection of finishes and the attention on lines and volumes contribute to the perfect integration of the living room with the interior design.

Open Space Kitchens | TM Italia Design Kitchens Projects - cucine_open_space_TMItalia_MIUCCIA-SIDNEY

TM Italia’s authenticity of the materials, savoir faire and high handmade value is enhanced by this kitchen with an island built on the Miuccia model, realized inside an old cottage surrounded by the forests of Lane Cove in Sydney.

Open space kitchens’ layout and configurations

The open space kitchen can be designed in all possible configurations: with an island or peninsula, linear, L-shaped, concealed. It all depends on the available space and the lifestyle and character of those who live it every day.

The open space kitchen can be perfectly placed in the living room and become its integral part thanks to the customized solutions, like those employed for the TM Italia’s projects.
Several solutions can be used, depending on the space available but, in general, we can divide them according to their layout in:

  • linear solutions where the equipments and the kitchen decor’s main elements entirely develop on one side.
  • angular layout solutions where the kitchen basis mainly develop on two sides, opening up without any interruptions toward the living room.
  • solutions with a dividing element where the island or the peninsula are meant as a filter between the kitchen and the living spaces.

The environments furnished with a TM Italia’s open space kitchen offer the comfort belonging to the day room and, at the same time, the functionality and practicality of an equipped kitchen.
A polifunctional space, nerve center of the home life, where everything is at hand in order to face any need.
It is not essential if you prefer either a classic decor or a modern one ; TM Italia’s open space kitchens are modular solutions that improve the space management and are functional for both apartments with wide floor areas and smaller ones.

For the selection of materials, colours and combinations, TM Italia is the ideal partner to create the perfect customized configuration.

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