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Mini Kitchens | TM Italia kitchen projects

Not having enough space in the room leaves, instead, great space to inspiration for possible realizations: therefore, TM Italia designed mini kitchens that perfectly integrates with the surrounding environment.
The feeling of an authorship touch is alive in both the minimal project and the customized high craftsmanship one.

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Mini kitchens, great results

The small availability of room could represent a good excuse to choose fine materials in mini kitchens. Even in a linear composition, the design restrictions that pushed toward essentiality allow to enhancing the wisdom in TM Italia’s manufacturing, down to the details.
The choice of shutters and fronts in rosewood with vertical flames, with a 45° veneer in a continuous solution even inside the grips, exemplifies this concept in a mini kitchen nestled in the wall, with working area realized in monobloc steel entirely welded, in order to avoid any mechanical junction.

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The selection and match of materials can help to reach the wished effect of refinement and elegance even in few square meters: the Corinth stone concealed inside the columns with covered folding shutters, in elm essence, provide the amazing result of this mini kitchen by TM Italia.

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Mini kitchens, the genius within the details

In order to realize kitchens in rooms that don’t show great dimensions, the intelligence and design can surely solve any space problem, with an authorship touch. The made-to-measure lies at the basis of many TM Italia mini kitchens realizations also expressed in the ability to shift elements that characterize the architectonical space in essential parts of the mini kitchen.
As an example, the countertop of a mini kitchen, purposely designed to contain hand-decorated majolica which can also be found in other house’s area. Under the countertop, a steel monobloc enriches the whole realization, marked by the workmanship and pottery’s colors.

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Otherwise, it is possible to opt for the realization of a mini kitchen based on a compact composition, fully developed on the T45 concept of the TM Italia design kitchens.
Lastly, choosing a customized solution to realize concealed kitchens.

Mini kitchens, interpreting the lack of space

TM Italia’s handcraft ability in the design realization is expressed at its best when the limits of space don’t become a restriction for the final realization of mini kitchens but pushed for either eclectic and refined or minimal and informal solutions instead.
Versatile, multifaceted and polyfunctional: Off Kitchen is one of TM Italia’s mini kitchen, which is the symbol of the space organization and preparation.
This fold-out mini kitchen can characterize the contemporary working area in an informal but yet brilliant way.
The countertop becomes a working or meeting desk and, in a while, it can surprisingly be transformed in a kitchen, revolutionizing the environment in an ironic and friendly way, for the most convivial moments.
A range of elements that hide a complete kitchen, a table, a convertible countertop, configurable in many different ways thanks to the legs which hide any kind of innovative technology.

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It represents the concept of a reversible kitchen concealing TM Italia’s typical tech-solutions, which express its full potential at its best through customized kitchens and mini kitchens.

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