Freestanding Kitchens | TM Italia Design Kitchen Projects

Freestanding Kitchens | TM Italia Kitchen Projects

The modern freestanding kitchens solutions allow decorating the room effectively, fitting both classic and traditional spaces and modern kitchens with a timeless charm.
A freestanding kitchen, also known in Italian as “a libera installazione”, is an addition rich in personality for any house. Freestanding kitchens elements can be collected, mixed and matched, in order to create the perfect kitchen that meets the needs of every single client.

​The freestanding kitchens – that was once the symbol of tight spaces – are a real design jewel, not only for those who love tradition.
Discover more about the freestanding kitchen design: columns, islands, and other independent units.

Freestanding Kitchens
Freestanding Kitchens
Freestanding Kitchens
Freestanding Kitchens
Freestanding Kitchens
Freestanding Kitchens
Freestanding Kitchens
Freestanding Kitchens

Why choosing freestanding kitchens

Versatility, style and design freedom: that’s the reason why a freestanding kitchen could be just right for you.

Flexibility and not-so-much-broad spaces

A freestanding kitchen is perfect for those who crave flexibility. Either in a tight or in a broad space, a freestanding kitchen is often a choice taken in case of lack of space.
This kind of kitchen, usually more compact, is equipped with everything which is necessary to cook and can easily fit within the most narrow and tight spaces.

Compactness and retractable units

This freestanding kitchen composed of an island and retractable shutters encompasses everything within few volumes. Bases, cabinets, fridge, dishwasher, it combined oven can all be found inside. The countertop inside the wall is equipped with an induction stove, aspiration, and a broad working surface.

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Design freedom

A freestanding kitchen gives great freedom of placing the various elements composing the kitchen, offering the constant chance of creating new compositions.

Let’s check up together which are the freestanding solutions that can be reached by choosing TM Italia as your design partner.

Freestanding Kitchens Islands

One of the possible freestanding kitchens configuration is the central customized island.
Thanks to a multiannual experience, TM Italia is able to provide a compact kitchen, greatly essential and elegant, enclosed in a single central island that becomes the main character and an integral part of the architecture, rather than the furniture.

As in the case of this stone-and-copper freestanding kitchen, where the elegant horizontal monolith made of Corinto whit open-flame that becomes an integral part of the architecture, rather than the furniture. Or also in the second solution shown in the gallery, where two monoliths in Corinto stone turn into a big and functional freestanding island, thanks to sophisticated automatisms, disclosing all its working equipment.
In the third solution, the freestanding island is the lead in the whole living space. Composed of sides and tops in pearl-white stone, its depth allows a snack area and includes two stoves.

Freestanding Kitchens Columns

Even among the last models recently launched by TM Italia in its Prêt à Projet catalogue, some freestanding details are included. The T30 model’s layout involves freestanding island and columns that lightly divides the space.
The columns, with their push-and-pull opening, are freestanding and carefully refined on all four sides and realized through a floor wire style. A design details that mark the attention on details in any TM Italia’s project.

Freestanding Mini Kitchens and closets: tailor-made solutions for the tightest spaces

Also suitable for the most narrow spaces, for the industrial-style studio apartments, the TM Italia’s freestanding mini kitchens make it really possible to carry out any activity tied to the food preparation.
Supplemented by functional elements that help to have all the necessary also in the tight and informal spaces. Like Off Kitchen, a modern freestanding kitchen for the offices, designed by Daniele Bedini, with a strongly minimalist style that, at the same time, offers a funny and informal experience thanks to solutions that can collect functional equipment within few meters.

Thanks to a wise study of spaces, a design solution comes to life, revolving around an armoire-system able to contain and hide all the necessary, including the laundry domestic appliances. This is the TM Italia’s freestanding kitchen closet. A tailor-made model with minimal design, essential lines, and volumes.

Let yourself be inspired by these kitchen ideas for the creation of the perfect independent composition. Design your TM Italia’s freestanding kitchen.

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