Design Kitchens | TM Italia Italian Design Kitchens Projects

Design Kitchens | TM Italia Kitchen Projects

The design kitchens by TM Italia fulfill the high quality and style needs, for those who are looking for a perfect space design without necessarily choosing customized solutions.
Eclectic and functional, with a high aesthetic value, the design kitchens can offer either harmonic combinations or an intense visual impact.

Design Kitchens | TM Italia Italian Design Kitchens Projects -
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Design kitchens, to each their own style

In TM Italia’s realizations, the design kitchens never renege on their project promises, going beyond any expectation.
The secret of this constant success lies in the various models’ solid artisanal connotation, combined to the ability to characterize the space according to the designer’s desires, which means the client’s ones.
At the disposal of art and creativity, design kitchens’ match-maker, TM Italia suggests either fine and elegant concepts or more essential and minimal models.
Ranging from peninsula kitchen’s layouts that match steel and stone on the T45’s concept to unusual proposals of high-quality customization, with amazing chromatic combinations and hypnotic structures like those shown in the Miuccia design kitchen.
Fine materials, advanced handcraft savoir faire and Made in Italy’s high-quality guarantee represent the three constants in any TM Italia’s design kitchen.

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Design kitchens, why choosing them

The design kitchens are a possible answer for those who are looking for beauty and originality for their own kitchen, without giving up on the practical details. Design solutions that are able to give a style touch to any room, enhanced thanks to TM Italia’s composition lines and volumes, even when leaning towards an essential approach.
A possible inspiration: a total white island kitchen with warm colors touches given through chestnut elements and sections. Sobriety, elegance and functionality is the basis of another TM Italia’s kitchen, realized in a polyfunctional space by matching two concepts: D90 and K6.

TM Italia’s design kitchens advanced handcraft proposals are able to provide for any circumstance: the design wisdom employed even for the realization of important surfaces – for example, on boards – can offset possible lack of regularity and misalignments thanks to original and style solutions.

Design kitchens and personal touch

TM Italia inflects the design kitchens’ project leaving great room to personal taste: models are at the root of the realizations while the details, finishes, shutters, panels, grips and tech-equipment can further enrich the meaning of the design kitchens’ concept.

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Even the mix of materials can be the result of a specific request, both in interior projects of exclusive apartment complexes and further projects where the design kitchen express a modern and fine approach, becoming a focal point in the daily life. For this reason, the island kitchen has an integrated light stone top, apparently not so heavy, which catches the attention and stands out in the background in a linear composition with dark and imperious colors.

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Shades calibration and choice of surfaces, the virtuosity in measuring the use of excellent materials out, unexpected matches both for visual impact and texture are synesthesia resulting from the craftsmanship that TM Italia makes available to architects, designers, project makers and anyone who would like to realize the ideal design kitchen.

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The tailoring experience in applying industrial techniques to unique pieces makes TM Italia the ideal partner for every project.