Bespoke kitchen with an opening into living&dining in Locarno
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201804 – Bespoke kitchen with an opening into living&dining

Exemplary management of space for this bespoke kitchen. A surface of a few square meters for an accessorized and complete composition that harmonizes with the living area.

In the Swiss setting of Locarno, TM Italia offers a turnkey bespoke project completed by made to measure kitchen with an opening into the living area: a view that favors the sense of spatial continuity. Also thanks to the harmonious use of the set of materials and selected colors between the living area and kitchen.

The linear composition, designed on the G180 model and realized in a small space, proposes bespoke details. The bases, with a worktop that continues laterally creating a comfortable working area, are equipped with induction hob and are illuminated by LED lights contained in the upper paneling with built-in aspirator.
The columns with outside handles , designed on the D90 concept, has a lacquered finish, recalls the finish of doors and fronts in personalized matt lacquered.

The technology at the service of craftsmanship signed TM Italia is reflected in the equipment of the drawers that internally have LED lighting with a functional system of twilight sensors. The passion for detail is also evident in the finishes of the side panels of the kitchen, with a matt lacquered finish that maintains the tone of the environment and the external panels that are presented in the living room.

The operating area concentrates attention on the visual continuity aspect: the opening towards the living area extends with an elegant Bronzo Antico snack bar and offers a glimpse of the lake panorama visible from the living room.

Design: Andrea Laudini

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