In Kiev, a kitchen with columns and an island with a sliding table
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20190507 – Kitchen with columns and an island with a sliding table

In Kiev, an elegant kitchen project with an island featuring a sliding table and columns with retractable doors, made in partnership with our partner Dominio and the designer Olga Babko.

TM Italia‘s design flexibility reaches its highest expression in this extremely refined composition. The combination of a few sartorial elements, made on D90 model, allows the transformation of the space according to the customer’s needs.

In this project, the monolithic aesthetics of the island is combined with the linear composition of columns set in the wall.

The column side, on D90 concept, is characterized by Noce Canaletto finish with inside handles. A column with retractable doors hides the worktop in Pietra di Corinto brullato stone with assembled sink.

The island, with an essential shape developed on the basis of the D90 concept, presents the worktop in Pietra di Corinto brullato stone. Fronts are in Noce Canaletto with push & pull opening, in stylistic continuity with the columns.

The island features a large sliding worktop in Noce Canaletto that extends the operative area and the space of conviviality.

Customization: oven column with retractable doors; extractable column; island with a sliding worktop; drawers lighting; internal column lighting.

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