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TM Italia was founded in 1951 in Ascoli Piceno by two craftsmen named Giacomo and Gabriele Tondi. In 1998, their sons Ares and Gianluca implemented the variable matrix system concept for the design of kitchen ambients, an industrial-style process of standardisation that nevertheless permits a high degree of product customisation.
Thus began a model of advanced craftsmanship that TM Italia uses successfully to this day.


The registered trademark “Manifattura Sartoriale Cucine” (“Tailored Kitchen Manufacturing”) is the expression of the brand’s philosophy: a revolutionary project in the kitchen industry that provides customers with the opportunity to choose from a wide range of options and configure their perfect space.

The result is a unique kitchen modelled on the customer’s style and requirements regarding materials, shapes, sizes, colours, accessories and budget.

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To make this possible, the company has carefully selected a network of partners throughout the country, drawing on the craftsman’s knowledge in various industrial zones and creating a diverse array of possibilities.

The centre of production, set in the hills of the Marche region, integrates traditional woodworking techniques and advanced automation processes, which enable industrial-style productivity while operating exclusively on unique projects.

This organisational model, together with the efficiency and reliability of a distribution network that has been carefully selected in the major world markets, allows TM Italia to develop an innovative project and to deliver it anywhere in the world, even in just 10 weeks.

TM Italia Ateliers, present in London, Parma, Naples, Vancouver, Rome, Bergamo, Brescia, Milan, Zurich, Sydney, Moscow, St Petersburg, Omsk, Kiev, Lugano, Miami, Los Angeles and Mexico City are the true incubators of these projects, matured thanks to the combination of professionalism, passion and “sartorial” experience that drives those representing TM Italia on the international markets today.

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TM Italia partners research centres and universities in the testing of new materials and technologies.

The R&D team develops innovative projects in terms of ergonomics, functionality, automation, accessibility and environmental sustainability, developing new visions and new ways of conceiving the kitchen space.

We make innovative projects, characterized by strong technical, technological and domotic components.

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