Concealed Kitchens | TM Italia Design Kitchens Projects

Concealed Kitchens | TM Italia Kitchen Projects

The concealed kitchens are highly effective design solutions for either high-quality confined spaces or open living rooms.

Elegant and with a modern glamour, TM Italia’s concealed kitchens have been designed in order to reveal the workstation and the functional spaces. Magically, the column’s majestic shutters retract, flow and disappear in the sidewall through different and extremely flowing system of mobilization.

As a matter of fact, the concealed kitchens are characterized by moving elements and different moving systems that allow the operational space and the appliance being hidden. Modern and functional kitchens that, once closed, mark the surrounding out leaving it orderly and linear.

Concealed Kitchens | TM Italia Design Kitchens Projects -
Concealed Kitchens | TM Italia Design Kitchens Projects -
Concealed Kitchens | TM Italia Design Kitchens Projects -
Concealed Kitchens | TM Italia Design Kitchens Projects -
Concealed Kitchens | TM Italia Design Kitchens Projects -
Concealed Kitchens | TM Italia Design Kitchens Projects -
Concealed Kitchens | TM Italia Design Kitchens Projects -
Concealed Kitchens | TM Italia Design Kitchens Projects -
Concealed Kitchens | TM Italia Design Kitchens Projects -

Why choosing concealed kitchens?

  • Compact kitchens, ideal to rationalize the space.
    This kind of kitchen design is indeed the perfect choice for those who have a small space available and need to make the most of every centimeter of the room. When the square footage is not that abundant, there is an automatic need to hide the kitchen, partially or completely. The concealed kitchen are space-saving solutions especially for studio-apartments, two-room apartments and open spaces, whenever there should be the need to preserve a good visual impact and to keep the walkway clear from obstructions.
  • Functional and living-room-integrated concealed kitchens.
    In addition to being practical and functional, TM Italia’s concealed kitchens, through a simple act, turn into a furniture’s accessory. Linear volumes that synergically integrate into the living room and combine harmony and refinement. The perfect mix of compactness, functionality and aesthetic.
  • Essential and volumes’ elegance
    A concealed kitchen is a flawless project regarding elegance and formal integrity. Sober elegance and sartorial details that are able to reveal, like on a big stage, the daily show of the Italian cuisine, keeping everything gathered up and orderly within a single volume.
Therefore, among the endless compositional options offered by TM Italia, it is possible to evaluate the development of concealed kitchens by choosing among models with linear and angular layouts and by customizing the finishes of the columns’ shutters, selecting among a wide range of finishes and materials.
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Concealed kitchen’s models

Concealed kitchens in the office

Even when opting for the furniture of a single multi-functional space, as in the case of an office, it is necessary trying to organize a kitchen project with alternatives that take into consideration a concealed kitchen’s cabinet. In this kind of kitchens, the high flexibility and design must be the main characteristics and must be able to coexist in a multifunctional space that adapt to the everyday life. As in the case of the Off Kitchen, a multifaceted, versatile and wide concealed kitchen. The kitchen enriches the workplace with style, transforming it: a countertop that becomes a desk or a conference table but, if necessary, is still a kitchen in any case.

Concealed Kitchens | TM Italia Design Kitchens Projects - OFF-KITCHEN

Concealed kitchen’s shutters

The concealed kitchens, thanks to the help of suitable recessed shutters or sliding levels, conceal the different elements of the kitchen within the columns.
The concealed kitchen projects are equipped with all the functional elements that, if necessary, can be hidden by using recessed, parallel, folding, packet falling shutters.

  • The recessed shutters can be applied to all the kitchen models on the catalogue, as long as the columns has a minimum depth of 70 cm; as in the case of the kitchens designed according to the D90 concept, with an internal grip. Here, the central shutters are equipped with a recessed retractable mechanism, where they slide inside the structure after being opened.
  • The concealed kitchens with columns equipped with folding shutters, available in the D90 concept, are able to fulfill any containment need. The “folding” mechanism makes it possible to close the shutters on themselves, keeping the grip in the frontal area for the following extraction, like in this kitchen. In this case, the column must have a minimum depth of 83 cm.
Concealed Kitchens | TM Italia Design Kitchens Projects - TM_LN17_T45E-T30_GIF
  • In the concealed kitchens where are applied packet falling shutters, the last ones must be folded on themselves and placed on the lateral spacer. The packet shutters system makes it possible to hide the operational area inside a linear system of columns. The shutters open up by folding and return sideways inside the structure leaving the workspace completely open. These columns can be indifferently equipped with inside and outside grip and are available in the G180,  T45 e D90 concepts.
  • In TM Italia’s concealed kitchens, realized according to the D90 model, we can find again parallel shutters, with either a manual opening or electro-assisted. By guaranteeing the minimum conspicuity, the shutters benefit from a parallel opening system and open up by sliding one on another to reveal a workstation or other element.

The importance of Assisted Living in the concealed kitchens: functional equipment and movement systems

The modern concealed kitchens are equipped with levels that slide easily and, once the moment of cooking is finished, they make it possible to create a living with an orderly and comfortable look. In all this, the Assisted Living has a fundamental role: as a matter of facts, in the concealed kitchens design some hi-tech mechanisms are added, based on security sensors and allow the levels and shutters’ closing movement working without the presence of objects stopping the right functioning.

Do You think that the concealed kitchens are the right mix of functionality, aesthetics and compactness?

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