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TM Italia Cucine is more and more international!

14 November 2014
TM Italia Cucine is more and more international!

In the more recent years TM Italia Manifattura Sartoriale Cucine has constantly been working so that the company and especially its products are appreciated abroad.

The results of this work are highly rewarding and, also through important partnerships like the one with Design-Apart and other prominent international players, TM Italia Cucine is becoming an important point of reference with regards to innovative Made in Italy high craftsmanship.

Collaborations in the United Sates, in the United Kingdom, in Russia and, more recently, in Australia and in the United Arab Emirates ensure our company’s steady and positive evolution. This brings us to widen our vision and to conceive and design products more and more in line with the demands of an increasingly global and requiring market. Different lifestyles, different cultures, different moods therefore contaminate our projects, that can be custom made with extreme flexibility, still respecting the highest quality of raw materials and never distorting the style of our design.

All this happens while keeping our feet firmly in our territory, to which we are strongly bound and that allows us to be what we are: innovative craftsmen, “healthy carriers”of Made in Italy excellence.

TM Italia has reserved an exclusive space in which to retrieve documents and materials that can be used to gain a greater understanding of our company and our products.