Prêt à Projet: the TM Italia collection in an exclusive catalogue - TM Italia

Prêt à Projet: the TM Italia collection in an exclusive catalogue

21 February 2018
Prêt à Projet: the TM Italia collection in an exclusive catalogue

Six different interpretations of the kitchen space gathered in “Prêt à Projet”, a harmonious collection that represents the stylistic awareness achieved by the company in over 50 years of experience in the creation of custom kitchen projects.

G180, T30, MIUCCIA, K6, D90, T45 rhythm the composition suggesting solutions that respond to different styles and living-space models, and inspire flexible and customizable design variations.

TM Italia: two souls, a single piece

TM Italia has always offered a model of advanced craftsmanship that combines the efficiency of an industrial system with production flexibility. Solutions ranging from the standard product, with a limitless range of customizations, to the kitchen project developed on design.

“Prêt à Projet” supports the “Made To Measure” catalogue, completing the dual approach to one-off design, for which TM Italia has always worked.


Prêt à Projet: he TM Italia collection in an exclusive catalogue ONLY IN THE RESERVED AREA!


The result is a 178 pages catalogue that reflects six different areas of style and different living-space solutions. All this through a graphic composition that creates harmonious continuity in a collection told through details and compositions well-finished in every single element, able to show to the public the endless compositional possibilities offered by TM Italia.
An inspiring catalogue that will be a useful guide for designing every kind of technical furniture.

The “Prêt à Projet” project

A teamwork developed over 7 months to interpret six new visions of the kitchen space.
A project that combined the skills of Matteo Rossi (photographer), Bruno Tarsia Studio (styling), RuadelPapavero (set design), Vivaiocreativo (graphic design and pre-press) with the coordination of Piero Sabatini.

A confirmed attitude to scouting, expressed by TM Italia in the creation of new teams, in the ability to select and aggregate emerging talents and in having involved in the production of the Prêt à Projet catalogue over 90 partners who believed in the final result and to which we are deeply grateful.



The graphic composition is based on the principles of continuity and harmony, proposing images that flow between the pages, overcoming the specific spatial divisions of the publishing project. The interior is printed by Artelito tipolithography on Fedrigoni X-Per paper that combines materiality with a chromatic rendering, wrapped in a precious Gmund Urban cement gray, inspired by the main materials of the architectural project.
The Prêt à Projet catalogue is a 178 pages composition featuring six master compositions alternating with variations – an expression of TM Italia’s industrial flexibility – and with details that confirm its undisputed quality.




TM Italia has reserved an exclusive space in which to retrieve documents and materials that can be used to gain a greater understanding of our company and our products.