Two new bespoke kitchen projects for the new showroom of Hub Kitchen in London

TM Italia present two new bespoke kitchen projects for the new showroom of Hub Kitchen in London

22 May 2017
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TM Italia present two new bespoke kitchen projects for the new showroom of Hub Kitchen in London

The essence of TM Italia DNA in two bespoke projects for the new showroom. Two new kitchen environments expressing at best the style and design skills of our partner in London, HUB Kitchens.
In its renovated showroom, where every day unique and bespoke kitchens are conceived, HUB Kitchens interprets the infinite creative possibilities offered by TM Italia and its unprecedented range of materials and technical solutions.

In the centre of the space, a freestanding composition skilfully combines cabinets featuring the T45 Evo concept and a kitchen hub boasting the T30 concept.
The cabinet unit is equipped with retractable doors, which hide away by the means of a simple touch, revealing the technical and storage equipment: low cabinets and hanging units with drawers and doors, a refrigerator, the dish washer and a combined oven. The worktop of this segment is equipped with an induction plate and hob and offers plenty of space for the entire cooking process. The lower cabinets apply the T45 Evo concept, which almost make the worktop disappear thanks to a precise 45 degree cut of the top. The island features the T30 concept, with the doors opening by the means of a simple 30° degree cut at the upper end. The Air worktop includes washbasins in stainless steel and space for the preparation process. The lower cabinets host a freezer and storage space inside drawers and crates.

Materials and finishes: matter and technology.
All structures are made with natural birch wood, combined with Grigio Monviso laminate and laquered edges. The retractable doors feature a fossil laminate, elegantly combining with the light grey colour of the hub. The kitchen appliances are made by Miele, oven by Gaggenau, hob by Falmec.

The second project perfectly expresses the DNA of TM Italia, developing every day brand new projects, produced by Italian manufacturers upon specific request and design, using top quality materials.

The kitchen hub is based on the D90 concept and equipped with shelves and doors, drawers and crates with a push-and-pull mechanism. The worktop and the left side create a snack area made with thermo-treated oak-wood, a solution designed by HUB Kitchens.The angular composition, applying the D90 concept, features cabinets of different height and a base of low cabinets supporting the worktop made with Gres and equipped with two hotplates, an induction plate and a washbasin. The high cabinets include a refrigerator, a freezer, a wine cellar, a wine shelf, a traditional and a steam oven as well as a food warmer.

Materials and finishes: a skillful combination of Gres, wood and metal.
The hub features lacquered fronts with a stainless steel effect. Drawers, crates and the snack top are made with thermo-treated oak wood. All low and high cabinets feature a lacquered surface with a stainless steel effect. All kitchen appliances are made by Gaggenau.

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