New international partnerships confirm the success of the high Marche manufacturing of TM Italia

New international partnerships for TM Italia

29 July 2020
New international partnerships for TM Italia

The expansion of the commercial network continues, confirming the matured interest of the distribution network towards the TM Italia brand.

New business relationships have recently been born in Germany, France, Spain, Portugal, The Netherlands, China and Southeast Asia, testifying the solid union between established partners and the high Marche manufacturing.

The interest of international markets towards the bespoke, the personalized production that allows to obtain unique pieces with certified industrial standards, confirms the success of TM Italia’s advanced craftmanship model which, thanks to the efficiency and reliability of the production chain, allows the development of a tailor-made project and its delivery to any part of the globe in just 10 weeks.
We continue to grow towards new markets alongside professionals who with their competence, experience and passion proudly represent TM Italia on international markets.

“We are pleased with the positive response that the TM Italia brand is obtaining above all aboard.We are really excited about the interest that the brand generates with every international mission of our dealers and architects, who confirm us the success of the flexible industry model which we have been pursuing for twenty years and which is giving us the energy to carry on with this continuous process of international expansion “comments Gianluca Tondi, the general manager of TM Italia.

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