New international partnerships confirm the success of the TM Italia customisation project - TM Italia

New international partnerships confirm the success of the TM Italia customisation project

22 July 2016
New international partnerships confirm the success of the TM Italia customisation project

New ateliers and expansions scheduled for 2016: Kiev, Miami, Paris, Rome, Catania and Mexico City.

After the great appreciation of the public for its three new models of kitchens exhibited at the Milan Design Week, the second half of 2016 was very satisfying for TM Italia, combining technological innovation and Italian manufacturing excellence.

The interest of international markets towards customisation confirms the success of the TM Italia organisational model, which together with the efficiency and reliability of the distribution network, allows the development of customised projects and deliver them anywhere in the world in just 10 weeks.
The openings and expansions planned for Miami, Paris, Rome, Catania and Mexico City, will consolidate the company’s internationalisation process, which has been happening for years, with more than 60% of sales turnover from foreign markets. The distribution network of TM Italia currently extends from Russia to the United States, through the Middle East, Kazakhstan, Switzerland, France and England, by counting key locations such as Zurich, London, Parma, Napoli, Lancon, Rome, Bergamo, Pavia, Bologna, Florence, New York and recent Miami and Mexico City.

The TM Italia ateliers are the real incubator of projects, developed through the professionalism, expertise, project experience, passion and style of those who now proudly represent TM Italia on international markets.

We are happy with the feedback that the TM Italia brand is getting, particularly abroad. There are numerous sales outlets – established and new outlets – and we are particularly pleased to be present in key cities such as Miami, Paris, New York and London. Not to forget Italy and, in particular, Rome, where TM Italia solutions will be available in more than four outlets, including innovative retail models focused on the public by the designers and based on technical expertise and support for customised design, commented Gianluca Tondi, the proprietor of TM Italia.

The industrial system developed by TM Italia is able to develop unique projects to meet the needs of each customer, transferring the technological content of the research programs developed by the TM Italia LAB to each project. Thanks to this evolved artisan model, TM Italia is able to offer its customers customised solutions and it acts as the ideal partner for any project, from residential projects to public areas.


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