For Love It at Expo TM Italia has created a solid show kitchen

For the Love IT domes at Expo Milano 2015, TM Italia has created an elegant, solid and sturdy show kitchen

11 August 2015
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For the Love IT domes at Expo Milano 2015, TM Italia has created an elegant, solid and sturdy show kitchen

A kitchen project that combines a careful selection of materials with a sober and elegant style, for a result that reminds one of sturdiness and solidity.

In the last ninety days, in fact, over 60 chefs prepared hundreds of meals on this show-kitchen and staged events that celebrate the excellence of Italian food and wine. An incessant activity, which took place on the TM Italia kitchen in an impressive display of resistance, stability and reliability.

The kitchen consists of two physically separate volumes, manufactured using completely different materials and finishes.

The columns consist of external doors in rosewood and features a continuous horizontal bookmatched surface that adds a sense of harmony to the overall volume. The folding and sliding doors are formed with a vertical groove of the central doors, which perfectly fold on their sides, providing a full view for handy use of the inner modules (cupboards) and household appliances (oven, microwave, fridge, chiller, steam oven, etc.). The doors have a folded closing, disappearing into two small side compartments. The inner compartments feature LED lighting elements controlled by sensors that detect the movement of the doors.

TM Italia Cucine Love IT Expo Milano 2015

The island is made entirely of marble (Elegant Dune Liether finish): the upper top – through a remote-controlled internal mechanism – slides and allows complete opening and closing of the unit. Once you open the island unit, you can comfortably access the inner top and the sink with retractable mixer and the heat-induction cooking top. A safety device prevents the closing counter from bumping into the mixer if you by any chance inadvertently activate the remote control.

The front of the island is made with the T45 EVO Concept, while the back is made with the D90 Concept. The side-boards of the inner baskets and drawers are made of stainless steel, and all come with LED lighting activated by an automatic on/off sensor.

TM Italia has reserved an exclusive space in which to retrieve documents and materials that can be used to gain a greater understanding of our company and our products.