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A maison, three kitchens for three different personalities

20 November 2014
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A maison, three kitchens for three different personalities

A project reflecting the extreme customisation skills and flexibility of the works by TM Italia. It is Villa Fiammetta, an old mansion in pristine Liberty style on the promenade of San Benedetto del Tronto, recently brought back to its original splendour through a skilful restoration that returned this magnificent construction to the city.


In fact, the restoration revealed the mansion in all its beauty and, while completely respecting its original form, unveiled all its details: original frescos, balustrades, materials. Also the internal layout was maintained as much as possible, for a truly remarkable result. TM Italia Cucine had the honour to partake in this operation by making the kitchens on the three floors – different families each occupy a floor – on a project by Architect Maria Gabriella Alboini.


Three kitchens, therefore, with three distinct personalities, all destined to an environment of notable artistic, historic and aesthetic level. Our artisan excellence was fully deployed and what you see in the picture gallery is the result of team-work that brought us great satisfaction.

The first kitchen, on the first floor, is a very modern composition, defined by sharp and clean lines, and by a very rigorous choice of colours and different materials, fully reflecting the taste and character of the people living in it. At the same time a very practical kitchen, thanks to unusual devices, such as the chest of drawers on wheels that can be moved if need be, the corner element with a total pullout shelf, the snack bar and a series of very functional deep drawers. The electronic and technological components are a superb integration to this composition with its determined and bold personality.

The second kitchen was built with TM Italia Cucine’s highest level of crafting knowledge, and it stands out for its lavish details: it takes only one look to the wood veins running on several doors with uninterrupted flowing lines; to be noted, the gold details on the glass doors, perfectly matching the wood veneer chosen for this kitchen; wood that was used for doors and structures, as well as for the seats, both in the kitchen and in the dining room. All this for a truly distinguished and up-to-date result.

The third kitchen, on the mansion’s top floor – that offers a truly striking, breathtaking view – where you can breathe personality also in the smallest detail, respects in full the design and colour schemes chosen for the furnishing of this apartment: white and blue feature predominantly but the kitchen tops, the floor below and the details on the entrance staircase are characterised by a mosaic rich in colours and sinuous lines, accentuating the “seaside” mood of the house as well as illuminating and creating movement, giving lightness and personality to the entire layout. The mosaic goes well with the steel and the white doors; furthermore, the whole worktop rests on a steel block that, ironically, helps to lighten the entire kitchen.

See the gallery below for a closer look at this beautiful realisation and visit the Portfolio section for an in-detail view of each individual project.

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