We have redecorated...our new space on the web! - TM Italia

We have redecorated…our new space on the web!

27 November 2014
We have redecorated…our new space on the web!

Click, people, click! You are experiencing in real time the result of a fine restyling of our online image.

You are in fact browsing our new website, showing in detail our products and portfolio (as well as explaining who we are and our work philosophy), with the ambition to involve you in the TM Italia Cucine company experience.

Yes, because through the “News” and “TM Experience” dynamic areas we will share with you the news about us and the events we will attend; we will go into detail on the most significant projects, we will let you in“live”on the events and much more; this in order to make you understand our work philosophy better and to widen our doors to the public, to show ourselves full-circle.

In addition to the website, we will increase our presence on the social networks: Facebook,TwitterPinterest, Youtube and LinkedIn. Follow us, maybe you will develop a fancy to know more about us and to come and visit us directly at headquarters, bringing the experience from virtual to real!


TM Italia has reserved an exclusive space in which to retrieve documents and materials that can be used to gain a greater understanding of our company and our products.