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Fifth Element. The essence of quality

19 November 2015
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Fifth Element. The essence of quality

TM Italia, a company with over fifty years’ experience in the manufacturing of kitchens and bespoke interiors, that has never ceased to undertake highly innovative research and production activities, has developed a new unique project together with Real-Stein. The project was realised with a quartzite belonging to a range of 42 selected and highest quality finishes.

A clever combination of primordial materials, such as quartzite and pewter, enhanced by an essential formal approach and the integration of cutting-edge technologyPeltrox® metal and Fusion Wow stone create an intense dialogue in which the uneven finish of Peltrox® perfectly matches the expressiveness of the stone’s natural texture, with rich tones and shades including red, brown and grey.

The intriguing visual tension that comes from this combination is emphasised by the formal composition of the kitchen, made with two monolithic units: a wall column with six columns with recessed panels and a work area. In former, the Peltrox® is the background of the central niche, internally lined with stone. The latter is the stone hides a Peltrox® heart. A dual exchange that gives the composition total balance.

Columns unit

The Columns unit of the TM Italia Quinto Elemento kitchen is evenly coated with Peltrox®. Opening the four central doors (with a retractable system that closes them all together), allows you to see the Fusion Wow stone heart, with a worktop and wall units. In the bass modules are integrated dishwasher and garbage containers. The top contains the sink while the wall units provide valuable space for food and dishes. The stone is “bigliata” machined, in other words it was obtained from a single slab applied in such a way as to have continuity of the vein on the individual machined elements. These are style details that enhance the aesthetic qualities of high-quality materials like this quartzite.
Two ovens for conventional and steam cooking are positioned on the sides, and there is a food warming compartment, as well as a combined refrigerator and freezer.

Isola (work area)

The TM Italia Quinto Elemento kitchen work area unit is a closed area, like a stone monolith. This apparently minimalistic looking unit is equipped with remote control electro-assisted automations, which transform it in just a few seconds, making the functional areas accessible.

The work area has a lateral cellar style fridge that appears vertically and can rotate 330° for easy access. The upper edges of the stone cladding are chamfered at 45°, ensuring self-centring during closure and that the worktop can always be seen.

The central part of the work area slides sideways on a robust and extremely silent structure specially developed by TM Italia. Opening sideways, the stone gives way to the Peltrox® metal top, which has the induction hob and a number of storage compartments inside it. The fronts of the drawers and baskets are Peltrox® coated and have an electro-assisted push and pull opening, as well as being equipped with internal LED lighting with automatic start and stop.


Columns unit: 392.6 x 226 x 83 cm (L x H x P)
Isola (work area) unit: Closed position 322.3 x 102 x 114.2 cm (L x H x P); Open position 522.3 x 102 x 114.2 cm (L x H x P)


External coatings: Peltrox®, Fusion Wow stone
Internal body: stained oak in a “tobacco” colour

The project was presented in Zurich during the opening of the new showroom Real Stein.


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