30 June 2018

The equipped walls meet the demands of versatility linked to contemporary spaces: the living area and the kitchen. The equipped walls made by TM Italia are modern modular systems designed to contain, and allow you to set up the vertical space with great versatility and in a personalized way.

TM Italia’s advanced craftsmanship model and experience in the design of bespoke kitchens guarantee endless configuration possibilities even for vertical spaces, where details, careful choice of materials and aesthetic elements make the rest, creating different spaces with a unique style.

A wide overview of the different types of wall units will allow you to discover how to add value to the most used living areas, such as the living and custom-made kitchens.


The boiserie is a system composed of a load-bearing structure anchored to the wall, prepared with horizontal aluminum guides for the housing and the rapid insertion of the shelves, which can be moved easily allowing the complete personalization of the wall. Even the distance between the shelves and the choice of finishes are customizable, according to customer needs.
The wall system can be independent or integrated to custom kitchens, enhancing the splashback or creating living areas that intersect bases, wall units or columns.

In K6, one of the models in the Prêt à Projet catalogue, the wall system is integrated into the back of the kitchen in natural saw-cut oak, or houses several open shelves, lacquered glacier white matt. In the G180 model, the angular boiserie is in brown materic oak and is placed between the worktop and the wall units. Here the crystal shelves can be freely arranged to create functional areas.

In all compositions, the boiserie shelves have a maximum thickness of 12 mm and a depth of no more than 35 cm to guarantee stability. The length is variable and the shelves of the boiserie can reach up to 3 meters and can be customized with accessories: housings for various kinds of containers or suspended tracks to have objects and food close at hand.



TM Italia designs other types of custom vertical furniture, where the fixed shelves can be of any type and matched with any back material.

In designed wall system, the shelves have a variable thickness and are always anchored to a backrest. As in this suspended living kitchen, where the equipped wall has been designed with shelves in gray stained oak, the same finish as the custom kitchen table; or in the Fx Carbon, where the columns integrate a system of exposed shelves in wood.

All TM Italia kitchens can be set up with shelves that can be completely customized for thickness, depth and materials. They can be fixed to the wall or placed on top of structures and support frames. Whether it is a fixed shelf or a suspended unit, these modular solutions can be used to house the lighting system or the hood, but they can also be simply used to store objects.
The shelves can also integrate a twilight system that allows the lighting of the LEDs when the presence of the user is dectected.


In Petra(18)one of the Collections 2018, the shelves in brownish oak are fixed between the two columns but create an effect of shapes and lights: inside, the rhythm is marked by spacers in antique bronze and they are equipped with backlighting. The suspended solutions optimize the available space and allow you to have everyday objects at your fingertips.

In this kitchen with islandcharacterized by an industrial style, the composition is completed by an open structure, suspended on a welded and brushed metal frame, equipped with shelves in oak essence, with split knots.

Extreme customization also in this realizations, where the stainless steel shelves incorporate a custom-designed hood and a lighting system.


TM Italia extends its expertise with the tailor-made design of wall projects that offer solutions for connecting the kitchen, the living and other home areas.
Intelligent solutions such as the wall design are suitable for joining the different areas of the house, giving them aesthetic continuity, integrating furnishing with architecture, and alternating with structural solutions in the management of volumes. TM Italia wall projects, in addition to hiding doors, are used to divide the spaces and square the volumes, correcting any architectural misalignments.

As in this contract project, where the wall continues with a covering that extends to the entrance door, incorporated in a boiserie with the same finishes of all the furniture. The wall also hides the overhead door to access the sleeping area and the bathroom.

In other tailor-made solutions made by TM Italia, the wall system can introduce to other areas of the house, such as the sleeping area, or to specific rooms; for example, the large wardrobe of this custom-made kitchen in olive wood hides access to the two technical rooms behind it, combining aesthetic continuity and functionality.

In the Swiss setting of Locarno, TM Italia offers a turnkey bespoke project completed by made to measure kitchen with an opening into the living area. The living area is set up with a dividing cabinet composed of 6 vertical panels in Sycamore veneer with metal painted inserts in Bronzo Antico and a back panel in a stratified glass with a metallic copper net. This tailor-made solutions is able to give breath, great flexibility and elegance to the whole environment.

In this New York project, the full-height paneling on the wall, with a soft-touch pale pink finish, corrects the misalignment of the walls of the apartment. In general, the multi-functional walls of TM Italia can integrate lighting and air conditioning systems, or shelves to hide electrical wiring.

A tailor-made work that enhances the vertical space expressing all the skill and craftsmanship of TM Italia.

Find out how to configure your vertical space, find the your inspirations in the Prêt à Projet catalogue

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