Fourth appointment with Design Convivium in the design hub ViaLarga3

Design Convivium: the iconic Glo lamp turns 10

11 December 2019
Design Convivium: the iconic Glo lamp turns 10

For the last talk of the Design Convivium series, which will be held on 12 December 2019 at the ViaLarga3 showroom, designer Carlo Colombo will celebrate the anniversary of one of the best-known and best-selling projects of Penta Light.

A “simple” glass sphere is able to warm every room and shape the spaces with the reverberations of its own light. Behind the essentiality of the Glo lamp, designed by Carlo Colombo, there is a great effort to combine technology and craftsmanship, functionality and beauty; there is the experience and know-how of a company like Penta Light, whose products have simple shapes, refined materials and are strictly controlled at every stage of production.

The ViaLarga3 showroom in Milan is a place for excellence and contamination, a center dedicated to encounters and projects.

Its structure is made of chromed metal and borosilicate glass, but its main feature is the double shell: a sandblasted inner diffuser and an outer diffuser that can be transparent or in various shades including gold, silver and black. In the pendant version, Glo floats in the air with elegance, as light as a soap bubble, but gives its best when forming compositions of various elements of different sizes, which become a fascinating abstract sculpture.

Design Convivium

Perfect for every residential and contract application, Penta Light products feature a sophisticated and contemporary design, capable of enhancing the mastery of Italian craftsmen by hybridising it with cutting-edge technologies. The company is part of the Penta Group, a brand that relies on the experience and complementary skills of four companies – Penta Light, Penta Architectural, P Custom Light and Arredoluce – to be able to respond with a complete service in the world of light, adapting to all contexts and needs.

In 2019 the Glo lamp turns exactly 10 years old. On 12 December, designer Carlo Colombo will be the guest of the showroom ViaLarga3 in Milan for the last of a series of talks entitled Design Convivium, in which he will talk about his projects, talk about his relationship with Penta and celebrate with the audience the anniversary of one of the most famous and sold projects of Penta Light.

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