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Design-Apart in New York

25 November 2013
Design-Apart in New York

A living showroom at 110 West on 25th Street in Manhattan.

Much more than a loft, far removed from the basic idea of a room in which to aseptically look at products on sale. A place full of life that gives fertile ground to the excellence of Italian manufacturing and innovative craftsmanship: this is Design-Apart. A space dedicated to exclusive products and brands, where Made in Italy is lived as one with excellence, quality, know-how and, most of all, where the future of Italian craftsmanship is important.


TM Italia Cucine is proud to be one of Design-Apart’s partners and to share this beautiful journey with other brands representing the “artisan future”of Made in Italy.


At Design-Apart you“live”the products through real sensory experiences: that is why last May TM Italia was main guest at an event – part of the New York Design Week – called “Touch & Taste with TM Italian kitchen artisans” (see the video)  : architects, designers, young professionals and intrigued visitors had the chance to see with their own eyes one of the TM Italia kitchens, sharing fun convivial moments. Obviously the kitchen inside the loft showroom (that you can see in detail here) is the result of research, high craftsmanship, design and innovative home automation technologies working together.


“Touch & Taste” is merely one example of the“live”events that can be experienced at Design-Apart; now a new loft showroom has opened in Sydney, so… Ready for Australia?




TM Italia has reserved an exclusive space in which to retrieve documents and materials that can be used to gain a greater understanding of our company and our products.