Best performer of the circular economy: the virtuous model of TM Italia as an example for other companies

Best performer of the circular economy: the virtuous model of TM Italia as an example for other companies

22 March 2021
Best performer of the circular economy: the virtuous model of TM Italia as an example for other companies

TM Italia has been adopting a systemic vision of environmental sustainability for almost ten years. The corporate philosophy has long embodied the values of green thinking, constituting a source of inspiration for those companies that intend to subvert their business model in favour of a more responsible and eco-sustainable one.

Tailoring, innovation, research: TM Italia has always demonstrated a corporate vision firmly rooted in safeguarding the environment. Adopting a systemic approach concerning for to quality and sustainability issues that guarantee the production of infinite combinations in which attention to detail is combined to the standards of an industrial system while maintaining the flexibility of a user-centred one-off production facility. That is the model of advanced craftsmanship with which the Marche manufacturing excellence responds to a model of the economy on a human scale.

An approach that has allowed the company to be recognized as part of the competition “Best performer of the Circular Economy”, as the most circular small-medium enterprise in Italy in 2020, rewarding the good environmental practices of the Piceno manufacturing excellence. TM Italia subsequently had the pleasure of presenting its circular economy model during the Webinar “From managerial skills for sustainability to corporate best practices of the Circular Economy”, which took place on March 2, to encourage the cultural dissemination of excellent environmental practices and encourage other companies to hire a responsible approach to the environment. It is an initiative of Confindustria Marche Nord as part of the Climate-KIC “Circular Learning hub” project led by the Department of Management of the Polytechnic University of Marche, together with ENEA and AESS Agency for Energy and Sustainable Development.

Relevant was the commitment that TM Italia made in optimizing its processes in a green perspective to develop projects with a high content of innovation in the environmental field, home automation and design-for-all. A turning point that today guarantees the self-production of 40% of the energy needs with renewable sources and a significant saving of CO2, equivalent to about 2000 trees saved.

To date, the Circular Economy in TM Italia embraces all business areas: design, procurement, production, distribution, use and disposal.

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TM Italia’s experience at the service of local businesses

Best performer of the circular economy: the virtuous model of TM Italia as an example for other companies - TM_CORP_CF_DT17_007So what does circular economy mean for a company? It means intervening on industrial and organizational flows to create eco-friendly and eco-sustainable processes and products. The circular economy is a system designed to regenerate itself. The value of products and materials is maintained for as long as possible, with a reduction of waste and use of resources. It is, therefore, an economy that aims to evolve by minimizing the use of exhaustible resources.

An upright example of the TM Italia production model and the best environmental practices put into practice by the company is this green kitchen Oreadi: born from a path of research and design experimentation for the University of Camerino. The goal was to reduce the volume of CO2 emitted and the consumption of energy resources and raw materials, favouring the possibility of assembly, recycling and reuse as well as introducing innovative technical contents to reduce the environmental impact not only in the phases productive but also in domestic use. This kitchen is eco-friendly in many aspects. All the panels and the structure are made with second life cycle materials, such as the re-board, the composite panels made of 100% post-consumer recycled materials such as paper and wood, oil-free resins and water-based finishing colours, the fully recycled Alusion™ aluminium foam.

The production, proudly 100% Italian, is made with FSC and PEFC certified structures, which guarantee the origin from forests managed in a conscious way and with high environmental protection standards. All panels are 100% made from post-consumer and recyclable wood that carries the Ecological Panel and Remade in Italy certification. Great attention is paid to the quality of domestic environments, thanks to the controlled use of chemical agents in the treatment of materials. In this matter, the Catas E1, PFS TECO.CARB P2 certifications required specifically for the US market are also used by the company on all other markets. They represent the most stringent standards in the world in terms of emissions and the release of chemical agents in the environment.

TM Italia’s just-in-time production model allows you to avoid any waste in supply, selecting only the best materials according to specific needs, with a consequent reduction in warehouse space. The quality of the raw materials, together with the accuracy of the processes and internal controls also allow a very high product quality and an average product life of over twenty years, well above the sector average.

Best performer of the circular economy: the virtuous model of TM Italia as an example for other companies - TM_CORP_CF_DT17_006This model also provides for the delivery of the components strictly necessary for the installation of the product, to avoid stock movements in the distribution chain for supply, retail and/or warehouses. All loads are optimized through groupage. Every single component is processed with CNC systems that maximize yield and reduce production scraps below 10%. Finally, the packaging of finished products also takes place in the company with customized production systems and exclusively using recycled cardboard from renewable sources with enormous benefits for the company and the environment: reduction of transport damage, dust and recyclable waste less than 10%, optimization of cardboard consumption and packaging, reduction of dimensional variability and supplies.

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